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Welcome to the "Kushner's Kreations" website. This website is devoted to two creative passions of mine.

The Wild Girls!

I make more than 200 styles of Wild Girls! These creations can be worn as pins, or framed as dimensional artwork. Check out the Wild Girl! page for more information on this artistry.

My Psychic Search

I interview people with psychic abilities to find out what they do, how they do it, and what they know. I listen to people channel information from Spirit Guides, and I chat with psychics and energy workers. Then, I share all that I am hearing and learning on My Psychic Search website, and on my blog.

In mid-January, My Psychic Search website stopped working. All of the information is still there, but the website is frozen. Until I can get a new website up and running, I am moving the blog to this website so I can continue sharing the things I hear.

The latest blog posts can be found on this site's Blog page. Older posts can be found on The Blog Page of My Psychic Search website. I know this is confusing, but it will all work out.

I hope to have a new website up in a few weeks.

Click the image to get more details and ordering information about this product.

My Psychic Search Book

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