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When "My Psychic Search" website "froze," I began publishing blogs on this website. Now that My Psychic Search is working again, you can read the latest blogs, as well as the older blogs, on that site. Laughing

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nancy Parsons
Meet a Psychic Medium - Nancy Parsons

Nancy Parsons is a psychic and a Medium. She clearly sees, and communicates with, spirits on the other side. Since childhood, Nancy has experienced spiritual moments. In every phase of her life, a spiritual experience has come forward to help her understand what is happening. In our interview, Nancy discussed the ups and downs of being psychic, noting that it is a huge responsibility to give people information which may, or may not, change the course of their life. She always works through G-d, accessing what she calls, "The Information Highway," a universal energy field where all information is held.

I interviewed Nancy in July 2013. Since then, snippets of our interview have been posted on this blog. Today, you can read the entire interview. I have uploaded it on My Psychic Search's Featured Interview website page. It will be available for free for two weeks. It is also available for 99 cents as a Kindle e-book. My interview with Nancy is the 28th interview in the Psychics Speak e-book series. Remember, you don't need a Kindle to read these interviews. You can download free software and read the interviews on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Let me know what you think of the interview.


2:54 pm est

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Quote from a Psychic - Responsibility

I asked Nancy Parsons, "What are the pluses and minuses to being psychic?" She answered:

In my opinion, the minus is that it is a huge responsibility to give people information that may, or may not, change the course of their life, the way they operate, or how they think. That's a lot of Karma if it's not done in an ethical, integrity-spent way.

When I decided to do readings on a regular basis, I went to (for lack of a better image) G-d's desk and said, "Excuse me, I would like to be of service. I raise my right hand and I swear to give information which comes only through you, not through my ego or my alter-ego. I promise that before every reading, and that before I open to give psychic information or spiritual information, that I will set aside my ego and work only through your information. The information which may be channeled to me through my spiritual teachers (non-physical teachers) and Guides, speaking with the client's spiritual teachers, Guides, and family members, will only be through you, G-d."

If it's meant to be, it will flow through me. If it's not, it won't. It's that simple. I'm sharing information, but I'm still a human being. I have to have trust and faith that I'm working through G-d, but there might be that little part of my alter-ego, or one of my "Little Nancys," who stands up and says, "Are you sure that's correct?" I have to tell that part of me to be quiet.

Nancy Parsons

2:48 pm est

Suspended between Life and Death

Posted February 17, 2016

Suspended between Life and Death

One of my best buddies is in the ICU. She had surgery which didn't go as well as expected. Now, she is on a ventilator which means she has to be sedated so she doesn't try to pull the tube out. She can breathe on her own, but not deeply enough; the ventilator assists her efforts.

I know the hospital staff is taking good care of her physical body.

I wonder where her consciousness is. Is it staying with her body? Is it floating off and checking out the other side? In my heart, I believe she is choosing. She is assessing her options and deciding whether to come back into her body and go through an extended healing process; or stay on the other side, in near-bliss, but without her family and friends.

When I am dealing with difficult situations, I often turn to the ideas and strategies which have been channeled through Intuitives. A few months ago, I heard a message about how to cope when someone is ill. It reminded me to "accept them where they are." If the person is scared, hold their hand. If they don't want to die, tell them that you understand. Ask what you should do, then do it.

The minute you tell anyone, "Just accept it," "Don't fight," or "Keep fighting," you are imposing your will on them and that is the last thing they need when they are feeling powerless. Anything to help them feel empowered in their process, is respectful. If you offer nothing else at the moment of difficulty, it is respect.

Let them have choices. Let them decide.

Several years ago, a different psychic channeled a message which addressed a similar, but more-dire situation. The important points were:

"When someone is standing on the brink between life and death and you love them and you don't know what to do, you don't know how to bless the situation to make the passage easier for them because it so painful for you, the best thing you can do is surround them with Light. Have your tears for a day or two. Let yourself feel that sadness, feel that grief that they are leaving, but try to give them the space to do what they need to do.

"When we are sad and we are around somebody who is between the worlds, our sadness can make them feel like they need to come back and comfort us. They may feel that they need to come back to tell everybody that it is okay on the other side. They will try to get back in their bodies. They think, ‘I'm just going to tell them it's okay and then I am really going to go,' and then they end up in the flesh again, going through more of the disease process; or the death process takes longer.

"It is important to let people go. We all know that. But a lot of times we can't practice that because our sadness comes in and, when our faith is tested, we forget the metaphysical principles we have learned: it is okay to go, it's okay to stay, and it is okay on the other side. People try to be okay with dying, but when it is close, they get scared and tend to forget what they have learned.

"Instead of giving in to fear and sadness, try to remember the principles that you have learned, the love that you have learned. Then you can extend the love, instead of extending the sadness and grief."

The channeled message continued:

"As humans, it's wonderful to have glimpses of the other side in your meditations so you see it is okay. These glimpses give you faith because you know from personal experience, because you have touched that in Spirit or in meditation. Instead of forgetting all of these wonderful principles you have learned along the way, you can go back to that moment of faith."

I'm hoping my friend stays here because I love her. Yet, I completely respect her choices. No right. No wrong. No judgment.

Always looking for the best life possible.


2:46 pm est

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pieces of Soul
Quote from a Psychic - Pieces of Soul

We have pieces of soul. We can be here and have soul here, but if I astral travel, I take my consciousness and send it out there, but I've still got soul here.

Some people say that when you incarnate, you leave a certain amount of your soul on the other side; the concept of Higher Self. I believe that soul starts putting things together with mommy and daddy before conception. The soul is looking to find the right situation for itself. At conception, consciousness indwells, but it may not be all of that consciousness indwelling. We split our attention. We can leave part here and part there.


2:48 pm est

Thursday, February 11, 2016

In Love

In Love

I miss my psychics. I haven't worked with them in six weeks. Why not? I've been sick, the Gem Show has been in town (a lovely distraction), one of my psychic friends was ill, and we haven't had a group channeling event in a while. The psychics supply a touch of magic in my life. Without them, life is fine, but with them, it's awe inspiring. I ask questions, they provide surprising answers, I do a double-take, then I write.

For example, a few months ago, I asked a psychic to channel ideas around falling in love, and I received a deeply thoughtful, somewhat haunting, response. I asked, "Do you have advice for anyone who is falling in love?"

The answer:

"To be a success is to be loved, and to love. The reason people like being around lovers is that there is a radiance, a knowing. No one says it has to last 20 years; that is society's pressure. How wonderful it is to be around people in love. What you say is, ‘Savor every moment.'

"Nothing is worth bickering about and losing that sacred treasuredness. Pick your words with much love.

"In this society, a couple will have a beautiful union. Then, they will have an argument or two, but they haven't learned how to love in that special kind of love. They shatter each other. Afterwards, they regret what they said and they rebuild each other with a lot of patience and love and kindness and time; they rebuild the vase, but it will never be as beautiful, or as precious as it was. It may not even hold water the way it used to.

"People don't understand that some things cannot be taken back. If you are not going to speak with love and kindness to build a person up, you have no right to destroy them. No matter how upset you are. No matter how right you think you are.

"People can forgive and can say they forget, but the words that hit the very core, where they are weakest, will shatter them in ways that the person saying them may not even know.

"Some people don't bother to work at the pieces. Other people just go from person to person to person, never building something valuable and precious. Who is to say right or wrong? But you can feel the difference when true love is found because it exudes from the couple. Encourage it, nurture it. Remind them to keep their words sweet because they will have to live with them. The greatest hurt will be knowing that they hurt their beloved.

"Preserve the preciousness."

These are words to keep in mind every day. It's easy to be sweet on Valentine's Day, but can be more challenging on other days.

If you could use a little psychic magic, or a bit of love advice, Tucson's Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, Valentine's Day. I'll be there with some new items: a variety of pendant points, pyramids, kyanite pieces, and small crystal skulls. It should be a great day. Come join us if you can.


12:30 pm est

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quote from a Psychic

"It's like you are an all-knowing being and then you come into a body and you don't know anything. It's like you have a constant state of amnesia. We go though this life as we know it in an amnesiatic state."

Cecilia Nemmers

12:34 pm est

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fate - An Exploration of Ideas

Fate - An Exploration of Ideas

Today's blog post is about fate. I was part of a discussion with Intuitives several weeks ago about why things happen in our lives. Do we control our lives because we create them, or are there situations, such as illnesses and accidents, which just happen to us?

Intuitives explain that, before being born, we each agree to a contract for our life. Life is a combination of the choices we made before being born, in our contract, and the choices we make during our lifetime, using our free will.

We can think of illness and conditions such as Autism, or Alzheimers disease, as things that, before we were born, we thought we might like the challenge of experiencing. Or, we can think of life as a series of random events, where our choice is how we react to those events. We choose our belief systems and how we look at life. Today, I'm presenting a few ideas to ponder.

Many in the metaphysical community believe that where we focus our attention is where things happen. If we worry about developing an illness and we focus on that situation, we are more likely to draw that illness to ourself. I've heard this about cancer. One side of the argument: once people have had cancer, they can become so worried about a recurrence that they focus on the recurrence and draw that experience toward themself. The other side: it's good to think about the possibility of a recurrence so that we are pro-active and do whatever we can to prevent the recurrence.

When events occur, there are the two possibilities. One, they are set in stone, or two, there can be self-induction.

One psychic explained: With manifestation, you begin to think about a possibility, then you focus on it, then you draw those energies to yourself. If you are not careful, you can manifest illness for real. However, if you focus on the concept that, "I am whole and healthy. I'm 100%," you can deflect the situation. The energy that you think about, will be drawn to you. If you prepare for an event, you've accepted that the event will manifest.

Someone who was dealing with a fresh diagnosis countered: I haven't accepted the illness, but I have to accept the possibility that it might occur. The possibility is all I accept. The probability, I don't accept. My experience with healing myself is that first I have to accept that there is something to heal.

Another Intuitive shared: While each of us writes our own script in life, some of that script was written well before we arrived here for this particular play. Some things are to be. We can focus on that which is joyful and wonderful, but, sometimes, Spirit has a different plan. I don't mean Spirit as something outside of us. Maybe it would be better to say, "Higher Self has different plans."

Lives don't always play out as we would expect on a conscious level. Sometimes, our Higher Self is in charge. There are things which our Higher Self has chosen to experience.

"Fate" is not the Universe doing something to us. It is the appearance in physicality of something we agreed to experience when we signed our contract before being born. Fate is a reflection of our pre-birth choices, as laid out in our contract. On "the other side," we signed up for this learning experience and we were excited about the possibility of experiencing the things which, on this side, we call "fate."

Just keep in mind that whatever happens in life will be cherished by our Higher Self for eternity.

This post has a lot of ideas. There isn't a definitive answer as to why things happen. However, I think it's interesting to explore the perspectives presented today.

Let me know what you think.


1:21 pm est

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tips for Getting the Best Psychic Reading

Tips for Getting the Best Psychic Reading

After making an appointment with a reputable psychic, it would be wise for clients to:

Before the Reading

1) Prepare a list of questions.

It's smart to bring a list of questions. Asking a question opens the energy and allows an answer to be received. One of the psychics pointed out that the Universe answers general questions in a general way. If the clients want to know something in detail, they should ask specific questions.

People might not receive answers to all of their questions, but if they put them in priority order, they should get the answers which are most important to them.

2) Ask the Higher Realms and/or people who have crossed over to assist with the reading.

Before the reading, people can ask the Higher Realms to send answers to their questions. They can also ask for specific souls who have already passed to come through during a sitting. There are no guarantees as to who will show up, but it doesn't hurt to talk to a loved one before a session and ask them to try to come through.

At the Reading

3) Tell the psychic which life areas they want to explore.

At the beginning of the session, the client should tell the psychic about any specific topics he or she wants to discuss. Psychics can talk about a variety of subjects, but they won't know to focus on a specific area, such as health, career, or love, unless the client lets them know that is their area of interest.

However, some psychics prefer to start with "open readings." They provide all the information coming from the client's Guides. Once the client has heard these messages, they can ask questions. Clients can ask psychics in advance how they prefer to work.

4) Come "clean."

Don't drink alcohol or take drugs before a session. People should not have a reading when they are very depressed or suicidal.

5) Bring a voice recorder or a pad of paper and a pen.

People should record the sessions so that they can remember what the reader has told them. In the comfort of their own home, the information may make more sense. They will get the most out of the reading if they take the time to sit down and listen to the voice recording, or review their notes, without distraction.

These days, many smart phones can record sessions.

6) Come alone.

Clients should meet privately with readers. They shouldn't bring friends to the reading because the friend's energy might influence the session. In addition, the client may need privacy to discuss issues which arise during the reading.

7) Come with an open heart and an open mind.

A client should come to a reading with an open heart and an open mind. Being open expands the possibilities. When someone is closed down, it can be difficult for the reader to connect with that person's energy. It's okay to have a healthy skepticism as long as the person is open to the discussion. When a person works with a reader, they should try to make the reading easy for the psychic.

8) Be "active listeners."

Being an active listener means listening without interrupting the reader. Interruptions can disengage the energy with which the psychic works. Check with the reader before the sitting and ask if they prefer to have questions during the session or at the end of the session.

Surprises and insights may shake the listener. They should keep listening. If a deceased relative unexpectedly pops in, they should keep listening. Whatever happens, keep listening.

A client should not latch onto the first idea they hear and allow it to capture their imagination so fully that they don't hear the rest of the reading. They should continue to listen as the reader refines ideas and discusses alternative possibilities.

Similarly, the client should not focus on the one thing that they want to hear. They may miss chunks of information while waiting for a specific message or key word.

If the psychic asks a question, the client should answer quickly and succinctly. They should not keep talking and explaining. It is okay to answer the psychic's questions and confirm information without providing too much additional detail.

If the psychic needs a quiet moment to recognize and relay answers, the client should wait patiently. Some clients talk instead of listening because they are nervous, or they think they need to fill the quiet spaces. It's okay to have a quiet, thoughtful moment.

9) Control emotional overreactions.

If the client doesn't think the information is correct, or doesn't recognize the references in the reading, they should try not to overreact. The psychic can find the client's body language distracting. There will be time to ask questions and refine information after the reader stops speaking.

10) Ask questions.

If a client hears something they don't want to hear, they should ask the psychic how to deal with the situation. Readers see energy potentials. The energy may be going in a certain direction, but people have free will and can make choices which turn the energy in a different direction. There are always multiple possibilities for the future and people can use their free will to influence what will happen. Few things are set in stone.

If clients hear something they don't want to hear, they may be able to take action to prevent the event from occurring, or to minimize the impacts of the event. If they hear something which scares them, they can ask for details or look for ways to improve the situation. Readers are here to help people figure things out.

11) Stay grounded.

During a reading, both the psychic and the client should try to remain grounded so that energy can flow freely. For the client, this means sitting in a chair with their feet flat on the ground. They should not cross their arms or legs because this can affect the energy flow.

After the Reading

12) Schedule time for solitude after the session.

People should leave time afterwards for solitude so they can think about what they have heard and allow time for the energy to heal deeply at their core.


A whole section of My Psychic Search book is devoted to readings.

12:37 pm est


Meet a High Intuitive: Maryushka

Maryushka is a High Intuitive who integrates Tarot card reading, Kabbalah principles, and healing.

As a young adult, Maryushka had several intuitive experiences and was told to find a tool to work with to refine her psychic abilities. She began working with Tarot cards. Years later, her gift was amplified when a psychic relative died and passed her gift to Maryushka. One person in every generation of Maryushka's family has had this intuitive gift.

Since the mid-1980s, Maryushka has read cards for clients, often working at parties and other events. In fact, she started a business with two others called "Party Readers 3."

When I asked how she received information, Maryushka explained that she pulled at least three Tarot cards, viewed the cards, opened her mouth, and messages came out. She didn't feel like she was communicating with Spirit Guides or angels. She wasn't hearing a voice, or seeing an image in her mind. Somehow, when she worked with the cards, she was able to open herself to a universal information source which told people what they needed to know. The cards confirmed the intuitive information.

Maryushka believes in the "doubling" of the soul. She says that when people reincarnate, a piece of them stays on the other side and a piece comes down for Earthly learning. There are situations which people can't learn on the other side. Plus, people need to test their free will. Learning is different on each side.

Maryushka also does healing work, including aura cleansing. Working in their aura, she can feel where someone hurts, and bring in energy to assist them.

Healing works even when Maryushka is not physically with the client. She explained:

"When I am concentrating on a name, I can find the person. We are in lines. We are in energy bands and I can actually find them. Here now [circling a hand in the air], I feel it's all the same energy in this space, but if we name someone who is hurting, I can literally find them. I can find their band of energy and hold them in my hand. Not as a person, as an energy. I am able to direct energy to them. I am a conduit. It's not that I'm doing the healing. It's never me. I am bringing the energy in and it is going through me and out to them. By being able to find them, it's very powerful. I know when I'm ‘on' because I can find them.

"One of the most interesting things happened when I was working on my grandfather-in-law who was very ill. One day, I sat down and I couldn't find him. You know why I couldn't find him? He had died an hour earlier. His energy was gone from this plane, the plane from which I could reach him."

Maryushka noted that there are pluses and minuses to her gift. The biggest "minus" was experiencing the 9/11 tower attacks nine months before they occurred. She saw the towers and the people jumping. The fire was raging. She felt everything, but didn't know where or when the attack would occur.

On the positive side, she often knows when people will show up in her life, and she enjoys helping people. She commented, "No matter how big a party is, somebody there needs to hear the three sentences that I have to say. That's why I do it."

Maryushka has had a lifetime of psychic experiences and healing adventures. She was also swept into a legal challenge which changed Connecticut's laws regarding card readings. Her story ranges from a premonition of the 9/11 tower attacks, to an encounter with Jesus, to an emotional healing in Sedona, Arizona, to a courtroom in Connecticut. A tapestry of connection.

My interview with Maryushka is available in the "Psychics Speak" series, as a 99 cent Kindle e-book. However, if you would like to read the complete interview for FREE, I've placed in on the "Featured Interview" page of this website. It will be available for free for two weeks, then I'll take it down.

If you would like to know more about Maryushka, or invite her to a party, you can visit her website at www.PartyReaders3.com, call her at 860-751-4252 or 1-877-293-1607 (toll free), or send an e-mail to ooshy@aol.com.


12:35 am est


All blogs posted prior to February 2016 can be found on My Psychic Search website.
The website also has contact information for the psychics and energy workers who were interviewed for this Project, Tips for Finding a Psychic, and a wealth of information gleaned from eight years of interviews.

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