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About The Artist

I create art which is fun to have and fun to wear. My "Wild Girl!" pins make people laugh out loud, bringing joy to both the owner and the viewer. Over the past few years I have developed more than 200 styles of "Wild Girl!" pins. In addition, much of the "Wild Girl!" artwork has been converted to greeting cards.

Constantly creating, I have also produced "Card Carousel" greeting card displays and "Karma Seed Kards." The "Card Carousels" celebrate the love which arrives in the mail, and the "Karma Seed Kards" allow each of us to create a positive energy flow.

I have lived in Tucson, Arizona, for more than 30 years and I am raising a family here.  I work from a home studio where I strive to find a balance between artistic time and family time.

The artist at work.

My Goals
  • To create new and unique artwork.
  • To help customers find gifts which delight them. 
  • To create good Karma and keep it flowing through the World.

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