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Positively Pregnant Pins

"Wild Girls!" celebrate the things we love to do and the special events of our lives.  One of the most-special times is pregnancy.  Celebrate the anticipatory months with a "Positively Pregnant!" pin.  Or, wear one to the office and suprise your co-workers with the news.

Positively Pregnant 1


Positively Pregnant 2


Positively Pregnant 3


Since each "Wild Girl!" is handcrafted, not all styles are available all of the time.  Please call, or send an e-mail to me at gail@kushnerskreations.com, let me know which style interests you, and I will let you know if she is available.

"Positively Pregnant" pins are about 5" tall; just right for riding on the front of your shoulder so that their legs dangle.  They come on 5" x 7" cards which can be placed in 5" x 7" frames.  Just pop the glass out, and put your pin (on the card) into the frame.

Each of these pins costs $15, plus tax (in Arizona), plus shipping.

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